Build Your Confidence and Develop Your Partnership with Your Horse from the Ground to the Saddle

Written by Anne Gage
Paperback - 226 pages

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"I had a great first lesson! I came home & haltered my guys & practiced on the both of them with success. I used it as an opportunity to fly spray them which they hate. They usually run around all over the place on the lead but I would bring them back, have them calm down drop heads, square feet and once relaxed I would gently spray again. It was the best fly spray session ever! I can see that by a few repetitions they probably won't kick up a fuss at all! "  ~ Deb Summers, Flesherton, ON

"I just had to write you a thank-you for all of your help on the weekend. I went back to the barn & tried to do everything you had shown me – what a difference. Duncan was truly a different animal. ... he was calmer & more receptive to everything I did.  I always knew that I wasn’t doing everything right ... your lessons made me realize just how much I was doing wrong! Thank you again for your time and patience." ~ Tracy Coulter, Shelburne, ON
Confident Rider Confident Horse:
with  Anne Gage
Putting you & your horse in good hands
This is the foundation of a TRUE PARTNERSHIP
between horse & human:

Nothing changes until you do.
Have you lost your passion for riding, making excuses for not riding or only riding when conditions are 'just right'?  Then it's time to BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE!

Too many horse women are not enjoying their time with their horses because they have lost their confidence - and they just don't know how to get it back.   The dream of a true partnership with their horses has become a night mare!

I show  you how to BUILD YOUR CONFIDENCE by using simple and effective tools, so you can feel passionate about riding while building the true partnership with your horse that you know you both deserve.